My name is Miriam. I moved from West London, where I was brought up, to a small town in South Buckinghamshire a few years ago. Bought a house, refurbished it from the ground to the roof, had a baby (Lulu) who was born 12 weeks premature at 28 weeks, and bought a puppy (Ferris) all in the space of a year. Then my husband left…ooops

Lulu and I have now have a full blown menagerie and have adopted an earless cat (cancer) Mr Moo, a blind house rabbit called Thumper, a mini sausage dog called Livia and my  mum’s chihuahua Finn stays with us during the week.

In October 2015 I started to get sick, and then it got worse until eventually I was diagnosed with Sarcoid, a lung disease. I have since been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia and systemic Sarcoid, as well as my old faithful Autoimmune Hepatitis, a liver disease. I also have Osteoporosis and am Coeliac. That is loads to be getting on with. In the world of chronic illness and pain I am known as a #spoonie.

I work full time in London, commuting through the gorgeous countryside each day and I have started a part time PhD at Oxford. (Unfortunately I have now had to suspend this as I am too unwell to do it all at the moment but am hoping to be back and researching in September).

I have called this blog Duvet Days because when I first brought baby Lulu home from hospital I dedicated Mondays to me and her staying in bed all day, reading, playing, watching TV and napping without any pressure to get out of  jammies. It was when I did most of my thinking and organising. They were my favourite days. Lulu and I co sleep frequently and hanging out with her is my most favourite thing to do.

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