Monthly Archives: November 2016

Food, Glorious Food

Since I started my PhD, the weekends that Lu spends wither dad are the ones that I spend studying and a few weekends ago I had to pop into the library at uni to pick up some books. Since I was going to be in Oxford anyway I thought it might be a good idea to have little jaunt around with the puppy and grab a coffee. I was actually on my way to one of my favourite brunch places, Organic Deli Cafe, but only ย got as far as Gloucester Squareย which is conveniently located between one of the car parks and the city centre. What was a “I’m just going to have a quick look before we pop off for breakfast’ ended up with a “lets eat here”. And oh my goodness was it worth stopping.

I did a quick circuit of the stalls and ended up at a food truck serving Arepas, traditional Venezuelan food, which is *drum roll* naturally gluten free!!! It was like a cornbread pocket filled with yumminess. I took advice from the owner/chef and had the slow cooked beef with the chipotle sauce and a smidgen of salsa, it was amazing, I had a cup of sugar cane lemonade too and then could not say “no” to a meringue topped cake dessert, in fact it was so good that M ordered an Arepas too. We stood and chatted with the lovely owners and ate our food licking the sauce off our fingers.






I could have eaten it agin but wanted to give the restsof the market chance, one must be fair to ALL the nice food. So off I went to the coffee stall where I had spied gluten free brownies – orange, cheesecake or salted caramel. I went for a cheesecake one as M adores cheesecake and I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat it all myself oddly enough (to others) I am not a big fan of chocoltely things, but I wanted something a little sweet to go with the coffee, which was amazing.


There was an really nice looking mexican stall who I chatted with, they did gluten free tacos and nachos and I had made mental note to pick some up or the journey home but I was so full after the brownie that I felt i needed to be sensible and stop myself. But next time I am around on a saturday its nachos first then Arepas then coffee. Then Arepas again.